Employees wearing a mask outside of Edgewood Management in Gaithersburg, Maryland
Community Manager showing sign with mask on at Edgewood Management in Gaithersburg, Maryland
Staff wearing masks at Edgewood Management in Gaithersburg, Maryland

On the road to recovery

COVID-19 has presented a global health challenge and as a Property Management Company founded on the principals of improving people’s lives, we find ourselves on the front lines of keeping people safe. In February of 2019, we began to process what a pandemic could mean to our residents, our employees, owner-partner financials and our own operations. By mid-March, we had established two parallel priorities that would be the genesis of each new change to our policies and procedures: resident safety and employee safety. With all hands on deck, and in partnership with many of our owners, we have constantly found ourselves at the cutting edge of responding to the pandemic, being led by 40+ easy-to-follow procedures/guidelines that have been informed by CDC guidance and in collaboration with lead industry advocates.

A Shout Out to All Those who Deserve It

  • Our site teams that show up every day in this evolving world to make sure that the place our residents call home is safe.
  • Our accounting department that has been in our corporate office daily, weekly and monthly, quietly ensuring the ship continues to sail.
  • Our compliance team that is available to all employees to ensure that our pre-COVID standards continue to be met.
  • Our marketing team that has been required to pivot, driving access to information to allow the best levels of communication with our residents that technology can offer.
  • Our IT team that has been unwavering during this critical time as our entire corporate office fanned out across the DE/MD/VA area.
  • Our admins who continue to support all department needs despite an ever-evolving list.
  • Our HR team that has kept up with the best-in-class employee supports and rules to ensure safety and legal compliance.
  • The family feel of 800 employees who are brave enough to meet the day, caring enough to lend a hand and adaptable to this unimaginable disruption to their existence.
  • Our CEO and Board Chair who have exercised their people-first mentality to ensure wellness despite the time, energy and cost burdens associated with this pandemic.
  • Our leadership team who have stepped up to the challenge with grace and a calm-but-determined voice of direction.

Turning the Page to 2021

As leaders in the industry of Property Management, we were put to the test this year and have done remarkably well despite the conditions. Together with our residents, owner partners, associates, vendors and various other stakeholders, we were forced to evolve rapidly. The damage done to the families and lives of people across the world is immeasurable, but we take solace in our ability to assist and lead during this tremendous time of need. Whether it is bringing prospective residents through their move-in with greatly diminished exposure to infection or assisting a resident who has lost a loved one, we will continue to rise to the occasion and meet the continuum of needs while staying true to our mission to help improve people’s lives.

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